Rules of the game and Code of COnduct

This is how you score:

One game is made up of 10 frames. Each frame you have a maximum of two chances to knock down as many pins as possible. In case you knock down all 10 pins with your first throw, you played a "strike", marked on the score board as an "X", and you don't get another throw in that frame. Therefore, you get more points: you definitely get 10 points for the strike and additionally the points corresponding to the pins you knock down with your next two shots. The perfect game would be 300 points with 12 consecutive strikes. Bring it on!


In case you didn't knock down all pins in your first shot, you get a second try within that frame. In case you can now knock down all 10 pins, you get a "spare", marked as a "/" on the score board. That also brings you 10 points plus the points you make in the first shot of the next frame.


When you can't knock down all pins, you simply get 1 point for each pin that you do knock down.

Be careful with the gutter though, in case you somehow get your ball in there, you don't get any points for that shot. In case you are playing with children, we can close the gutter with so-called "bumpers" which bump the ball away from the gutter back onto the lane.


After the first player has played, it's the next player's turn. You then play alternating until you finished your tenth frame, which is easily seen as the score board fills up - when it's full, you're done.





Always use the same ball and wait for it to be returned to you. To take up the ball the right way, you use your index finger and your middle finger, your thumb goes in the lower of the three holes. You bow down slightly and throw the ball forward (please just forward, be kind to the people playing with you).


NEVER WALK ON THE LANE, they are all very slippery and there is a serious risk of injuring yourself (of injury). In case there is some irregularity, a ball lays in the gutter, a pin lays across the lane or anything else: always walk up to our staff and let them handle the situation. This might unfortunately sometimes take a few minutes. Please be patient with our staff, they always do the best they can.


Please also consider that the person on the lane next to you is concentrating, so don't walk up at the same time as them. In case of uncertainties the same rule applies as on the street: the person coming from the right side gets to go first.

Please be kind to our furniture including the seats, the lanes and the machines; never throw two balls at the same time on the same lane.


Please also leave your drinks on the table. In case you would like to smoke: as per German federal law this is prohibited in the front area but we have a smoker's lounge.