Here you can find our prices for bowling.

All prices are per game per person.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
from 11am  Closed  -  -  -  -  - 3,10 Euro
from 3pm 3,10 Euro 3,10 Euro 3,10 Euro 3,10 Euro 3,10 Euro 3,10 Euro
from 7pm 3,10 Euro 3,10 Euro 3,10 Euro 4,10 Euro 4,10 Euro 3,10 Euro
from 19pm 3,10 Euro 3,10 Euro 1,80 Euro 4,10 Euro 4,10 Euro 3,10 Euro

Prices valid starting October 1st 2017. Inclusive of all taxes.

From June until September: games starting at or after 8pm will only be 1,90 Euro.



In case you would like to visit us but our opening times don't fit your plans: we're also open on different times for groups of at least 20 people.


Dear parents, if you plan of visiting us with our children, please make a reservation for a lane where we can close the gutter so everyone gets to enjoy the sport at our place. Thank you!


Of course we also have the shoes you need. You may not play in normal sport shoes but only in special bowling shoes with a smooth leather bottom. The shoes are available in size 27 (US/UK children 9.5) to size 52,5 (US 17,5/UK 16,5) and renting them costs 2,00€ per visit.


Special prices

We also offer special prices for everyone who likes to save some money.


School classes (groups of 20 students or more):
This offer is valid Tuesdays through Thursdays mornings and requires advance reservation. You get to play and have fun for only 2,50€ per game per person, plus 2,00€ for renting our shoes.


Family lanes:
For families consisting of a maximum of 2 adults and up to 4 children under the age of 14. This offer is valid on Sundays until 7 p.m., you only pay 2,50€ per game per person, the shoes are free for the kids.


Kids and teenagers:
under the age of 16 pay Tuesdays through Thursdays until 7 p.m. get to play for 2,50€ per game, the shoes are free of charge.

There are special lanes for children where we can close the gutter so the pins will be hit with each shot. Please make a reservation for these special lanes ahead of time.


Students and apprentices:
Tuesdays through Thursdays after 7 p.m. you get to bowl for only 2,50€ per game.


Night owls:
only pay 1,80€Thursdays after 10 p.m.